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You can use the form below to give us notice of your wishes to join our association. If you are subscribing from outside the Netherlands, and wish to be kept informed of G.M.F.W. activities, you should enter an e-mail adress. Subscribers from within the Netherlands and Belgium can receive this information by ordinary mail on the adress indicated. If you want to recieve your G.M.F.W. mail by e-mail, please don't forget to indicate your e-mail adress in the appropriate space.
If you agree to have your name and adress on the internet membershiplist, your data will be mentioned in the list. Only your name, adress, (possible) institute, e-mail adress and internet-link will be mentioned. If you choose not to fill out your home adress (or institute adress), this will of course not be mentioned in the membership list; please note that in order to recieve ordinary mail a full adress is required. Telephone-numbers will not be mentioned on the internet-site, but will be mentioned in the Newsletter in paper form. If you fill out the adress of your site correctly the adress will appear clickable in the membership list.
Warning: All information that you fill out in the form below will appear in the paper version of the membership list, that is sent to all the members of the association. If there is any part of information that you don't want in this particular list, simply don't send it to us. We assume that you are aware of all the rules (in Dutch).


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