G.M.F.W. Agenda
Frontispiece of the Dutch version of B. Martin's Oefenschoole van alle konsten en wetenschappen (1763).

At this page you may view the activities (for so far kept in Europe in one of the major European languages and) which have been reported as potentially interesting for our members. The activities (partially) financed via G.M.F.W. by N.W.O. (Dutch Organisation for Scientific Research) are marked with (*) and further details of these are (or will soon be made) available. Events not taking place in the Netherlands are recognizable by a white date field.
If you want to file a request for financial support, you have to adress to the board. For details about requests, read the rules (Dutch)of the association.
Simple announcements at this agenda may be send to gmfw@sci.kun.nl. Preferably in ASCII-format and with clear indication of the links you would like to see established. Please send both an English and a Dutch version of the text. The activities, which will be kept in the Dutch language on Dutch or Belgian soil, might not be mentioned at this site. If you are also interested in these, please note the Dutch version.
Our postal adress is: G.M.F.W. Newsletter, D.J. Beckers Vakgroep Wiskunde, Universiteit Nijmegen, Postbus 9010, 6500 GL Nijmegen

Agenda 2002

2 Colloquium History of Computing
No activities planned
No activities planned
No activities planned
30 t/m 2 14. Novembertagung
No activities planned

Activities in the past

Events that have already taken place, are since October 1997 placed as reports at this site. There is a separate site for promotions that have taken place.