G.M.F.W. Board

The G.M.F.W.-board consists of a chairman, a treasurer, and a secretary. When one of the members of the board chooses to resign post, a new board member will be introduced to the assembled members of the workgroup. Board members are elected for a period of three year. If the members approve of the new boardmember, he will be installed officially. More exact stipulation concerning this matter may be found in the rules (Dutch).
Any requests for financial support by the G.M.F.W. have to be directed to the board. On this page the members of the board introduce themselves.

Secretary of the GMFW is dr. G. Alberts. Gerard Alberts is research coordinator "Science & Society" at the Catholic University of Nijmegen. His dissertation Jaren van berekening (Calculative years) covers the initatives of the Dutch mathematical community in postwar years (1945-1960) to put their discipline at the service of society. Gerard Alberts has a continuing interest in the history of mathematical modelling and quantification as well as in the history of computing.
E-mail adres: g.alberts@bw.kun.nl.

Teun Koetsier
dr. T. Koetsier is the chairman of the workgroup. Apart from that he works at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, where he researches the mathematization of mechanics in the nineteenth century at the Department of Mathematics & Computer Science.
E-mail adres: teun@cs.vu.nl.
TEUN KOETSIER Bij 35 graden Celsius

drs. H.J. Smid is now the treasurer of the G.M.F.W. Smid is working as a teacher at the Delft University of Technology, among other things providing classes for the students who want to become teachers. His dissertation, Een onbekookte nieuwigheid? Invoering, omvang, inhoud en betekenis van het wiskundeonderwijs op de Latijnse en Franse scholen 1815-1863 about the beginnings of mathematics education in the Netherlands, was finished in 1997. His main interests are in the history of mathematics education and the use of the history of mathematics in the teaching of mathematics.
E-mail adres: h.j.smid@its.tudelft.nl.