G.M.F.W. Reports

At this page you may find all symposia that have been (partly) financed by GMFW in the past. If available a report of the symposia is added, and might be requested on a seperate page. If you have a report of one of the GMFW activities, you are kindly requested to send it to us in ASCII by e-mail. The reports of activities since October 1997 are available. New reports are put at the top of this list. Please note that not all reports are in english.

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Reports 2003

March 28, 2003
Symposium Mathematics in Dutch secondary schools, why?. See the announcement (in Dutch).

Reports 2002

25 mei 2002
HKRWO-symposium VIII: The turbulent 1960's. From New Math to realistic math education. See the announcement (in Dutch).

April 5, 2002
GMFW-symposium ``archives'' within the 38th Dutch Mathematical Conference. See the announcement (in Dutch).

February 3-8, 2002
Serie of lectures by Robin Wilson. See the announcement.

Reports 2001

November 27, 2001
Colloquium-lecture by Hendrik Blauwendraat (VU) on history of the mathematics department at the Amsterdam Free University (VU). See the announcement.

21 juni 2001
Lecture by dr. E. Robson in Groningen on Babylonian mathematics. See the announcement.

26 mei 2001
Seventh HKRWO-symposium. There is a short report (in Dutch). See the programme (also in Dutch).

20 april 2001
Annual meeting of GMFW, within the 37th Dutch National Conference. See the minutes (in Dutch).

20 april 2001
``Naar aanleiding van het overlijden van Dirk Struik'' (On the occasion of Dirk Struik's decease): GMFW-symposium within the 37th Dutch National Conference. See the programme (in Dutch).

March 27, 2001
History colloquium. No reports; see the invitation (in Dutch).

Reports 2000

October 27, 2000
History colloquium dedicated to Dirk Jan Struik. See the report.

October 24-31, 2000
Series of lectures by J.A. Stedall on 17th century algebra. Programme and abstracts are available.

22 september 2000
Symposium ``Van Danztig 2000''. Reports were published. A report on the entire Van Dantzig 2000 programme is available here.

27 mei 2000
Sixth HKRWO-symposium: 100 years mathematics education, offered a preview of the book that was to appear on the occasion of the 75 year existence of the Dutch Organisation for Mathematics Teachers (NVvW). Take a look at the programme (in Dutch).

26 mei 2000
Galilei-symposium at Amsterdam Free University (VU). No report available.

May 9, 2000
Bernoulli lecture by prof.dr. Ivor Grattan-Guinness in Groningen. There is a summary.

April 28, 2000
Annual meeting of the GMFW. See the Minutes (in Dutch).

28 april 2000
Symposium `Mathematical Modelling', held within the Dutch Mathematical Congress 2000. There is an announcement; no report available. There is a report of all the activities that took place within the framework of Van Dantzig 2000.

March 3, 2000
Lecture by dr. Robin Wilson
The Mathematics of Lewis Carroll (colloquiume VU, Amsterdam).
An announcement and abstract are available.

Reports 1999

October 4-10, 1999
Serie of talks by Katja Peters (Siegen) on 16th. and early 17th. Century mathematics.
Abstract and programme.

Saturday, May 29, 1999
Organisation: Ed de Moor.
Place: Utrecht
Anouncement and a short report (both in Dutch).

April 19-23, 1999
Visit of Tinne Hoff Kjeldsen (University of Roskilde, Denmark).
Programme and abstracts.

Friday, April 9, 1999
J.J. Sylvester Symposium.
Organisation: Teun Koetsier
Place: Utrecht (within the Dutch Mathematical Congress).
There is a short report.

Friday, April 9, 1999
Annual meeting of the GMFW. Minutes (in Dutch).

Reports 1998

Friday and Saturday, November 27 and 28, 1998
Congres: the biografie as a genre in the history of science.
Organisation: Mulerius (Study Group on the History of Science, Groningen)
Place: Groningen University
The programme (in Dutch) is still available.
A report (in Dutch) will appear.

Saturday, November 14, 1998.
On the annual meeting of the Dutch Mathematics Teachers Association (NVvW) a workshop had been organized about the use of history in the new Mathematics curriculum at Dutch secondary schools. The main aim of the session was to assemble a group of teachers interested and willing to try and let their pupils read some old textbooks.
Place: Bilthoven.
Organisation: Danny Beckers en Harm Jan Smid.
Report (in Dutch).

Thursday Oktober 29. - Sunday November 1. 1998
Ninth November Conference on the History of Mathematics. This yearly event is meant for beginning researchers in the field of the history of mathematics. In 1998 it was held at Nijmegen University. The theme was "mathematization".
Place: Nijmegen
Organization: Danny Beckers, Katja Peters, Carsten Vollmers.

Friday June 12, 1998
Colloquium ``De Receptie van Brouwers Intuïtionisme in de Jaren Twintig'' by drs. Dennis Hesseling.
Place: Amsterdam University (UvA).
Abstract (Dutch).

Saterday May 30, 1998
Fourth H.K.R.W.O. symposium: "leren door doen".
programme and report available (both in Dutch).
Place: Hogeschool Domstad (Utrecht).
Organization: Ed de Moor.

Thursday April 16, 1998
Annual Meeting GMFW
Place: Enschede.
Agenda - Report will appear a.s.a.p. (Dutch)

Thursday April 16, 1998
Symposium on mathematics in Dutch non-technical secondary education.
Place: Twente Technical University.
Programme and abstracts (Dutch).

Tuesday February 3. and Thursday February, 5. 1998
Lectures by dr. Eleanor Robson on Mesapotamian mathematics.
Place: Groningen University.

Reports 1997

Friday, October 10, 1997
Symposium: the role of mathematics in the formation of mechanical engineering as an independent discipline.
Place: V.U. (Amsterdam)
Organisation: Teun Koetsier

Saturday, May 31, 1997
Third H.K.R.W.O. symposium: rekenhulpmiddelen in het onderwijs.
Place: Hogeschool Domstad (Utrecht)
Organisation: Ed de Moor.
Report (Dutch)

Thursday, April 3, 1997
Annual Meeting GMFW.
Place: Wageningen
Report (Dutch)