Research seminar on Algebraic K-Theory

The topic of the seminar for this semester is (higher) algebraic K-theory. The plan is to study first some classical papers on the subject (Grayson, Quillen, Waldhausen,...) and then move towards a more modern approach.

  • Time and place: Fridays 15:30-17:00 Huygensgebouw room HG03.085 (Hilbert's room).
    Note that Talks 07, 08 and 09 will be on Monday in room HG01.028 from 15:00.

Schedule for the talks >

  • Talk 01, 03/10/14: The Q-construction (Matan Prasma)
  • Talk 02, 10/10/14: On Quillen's Theorem A and B (Javier J. Gutiérrez)
  • Talk 03, 17/10/14: The localization theorem for abelian categories (Joost Nuiten)
  • Talk 04, 24/10/14: The S-1S construction (Ieke Moerdijk)
  • Talk 05, 31/10/14: The Waldhausen's S-construction (I) (Giovanni Caviglia)
  • There will be no session on 07/11/14 due to the GQT colloquium in Zandvoort.
  • Talk 06, 14/11/14: The Waldhausen's S-construction (II) (Javier J. Gutiérrez)
  • Talk 07, 24/11/14: The Waldhausen's S-construction (III) (Giovanni Caviglia)
  • Talk 08, 24/11/14: On the relation between the Q-construction and the S-construction (Joost Nuiten)
  • Talk 09, 01/12/14: On Quillen's plus construction (Matan Prasma)
  • Talk 10, 12/12/14: On the group completion (Ieke Moerdijk)

References >

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