Hilbert Spaces and Quantum Mechanics

Lecture Notes for 2006

Old Lecture Notes from 2004

Exercises for 2006

Exercise class (werkcollege) led by drs. Chris Heunen


prof.dr. N.P. Landsman


Historical Introduction (7 September 2006)
Completeness (14 September)
l^2 and L^2 (21 September)

General scheme: Lecture on Thursday 10:45-12:30
Exercies class on Friday 08:45-10:30 (when the going gets tough, the tough get going)


Mathematics and theoretical physics students (third year and higher)

Place and Time:

Thursdays: HG.01.340


Lecture Notes (syllabus) and, as a supplement, Lineare Operatoren in Hilbertraeumen by J. Weidmann, Vols. I&II (Teubner, Stuttgart, 2000&2003)