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Automorphisms of Affine Spaces

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The preliminary schedule with abstracts . We update this file regularly - you will get a printed version when registering.

Hotels etc. : Click here for hotels. I don't know of bad ones. I've recommended the Apollo to some people, as it is located right in the center, not too far from the train station. The invited speakers are located in the Rozenhof, which is unfortunately a bit off the center (but very nice). It is probably booked full.
For cheaper options of bed-and-breakfast type, consult the secretary Greta Oliemeulen

Logistics/ locations : The conference will take place in the Huygens building (klick for a picture, picture , or picture, ). For information how to get there, and to find a map of Nijmegen and campus, click here.
Some highlighted info from that site: Since many of you come by bus from the center: take bus 3,6,9,or 10 (the latter rides often and is direct to campus). To be sure, ask the driver "does this bus go to the Huygens building/ Science faculty/ Toernooiveld?" You can ask the busdriver to warn you when you arrive. You can buy a bus ticket when boarding the bus, consult the driver. Or you can buy one before ("strippenkaart") which you then have stamped each time by the bus driver.
Alternatively you can take the train from Nijmegen central to Nijmegen Heyendaal, which is less than 5 minutes walking distance from the Huygens building. The train rides at least twice per hour. Train tickets have to be bought before boarding the train at the machines.
If you come by car and navigation system: the visiting address is Heyendaalseweg 135, postal code: 6525 AJ, Nijmegen. For parking, you have to take the small road to the left of the Huygens building, after 3 meters there is a descending road taking you under the Huygens building. Notice the closing times (which are not too bad). It costs to park there; at most 5 euro per day.
If you are experienced with biking, you can also rent a bike (There is a bike shop directly in front/under the train station.) Don't do it if you don't have any experience in biking. You wouldn't be the first "tourist" riding his bike into another one's bike/car/leg/dog/pool!
Of course, you can also take a taxi . As long as trains are riding, you will find them at the train station.

All talks will take place in room HG00.071 which is on the ground floor of the Huygens building.

The new poster!

Unofficial program: On saturday there's a hike. If you participate, you might want to bring a rain coat. We expect good weather, but hey, it's the Netherlands. You won't be needing special walking shoes, comfortable shoes that can take some dust are good enough.

<b> An animation of Nagata's automorphism - cannot display </b> This animation is Nagata's automorphism, but then seen as a "flow". That means, let N:=(x-2yD-zD^2, y+zD, z) where D:=A(xz+y^2). Now let A run from 0 (the identity map) to some value. Shown is the image of a plane for various values of A.

<b> An animation of another automorphism - cannot display </b> Another automorphism flow, this time (x, y+(1/6)*A*x^2) (x+(1/2)*A*y^2, y) where A runs from 0 to 1. Notice that the "rectangular" areas stay exactly one, since the determinant of the Jacobian is one!

(Pictures by Pim Heesterbeek and Edo van Veen as part of their freshman project.)