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Arxiv 2011

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22 Dec 2010 Igusa's p-adic local zeta function associated to a polynomial mapping and a polynomial integration measure
Authors: Bart Bories
Comment: My bells start ringing at the word "polynomial mapping" and hence I added this one, even though it perhaps doesn't fall under the subject.
14 Dec 2010 A Strong Abhyankar-Moh Theorem and Criterion of Embedded Line
Authors: Yansong Xu
9 Dec 2010 An Approach to the Jacobian Conjecture
Authors: Arno van den Essen, Wenhua Zhao
6 Dec 2010 (WITHDRAWN) An Approach to the Jacobian Conjecture
Authors; Yongbin Li
Comment: EDIT: withdrawn
24 Nov 2010 Flexible varieties and automorphism groups
Authors: I. Arzhantsev, H. Flenner, S. Kaliman, F. Kutzschebauch, M. Zaidenberg
19 Nov 2010 Simple relations in the Cremona group
Authors: Je're'my Blanc
Comment: Though the Cremona group is a bit outside of what *I* call AAG (it is more projective geometry) I've added this one. Reason is that the paper is a sort of Jung-v/d Kulk theorem for the Cremona group.
12 Nov 2010 On the lifting of the Nagata automorphism
Authors: Alexei Belov-Kanel, Jie-Tai Yu
Comment: The authors show that the Nagata automorphism cannot be lifted to a z-automorphism of the free algebra over C in variables x,y,z.
As you see, the Nagata automorphism, though around for more than 35 years, still keeps us busy!!
12 Nov 2010 An analogue of the Conjecture of Dixmier is true for the algebra of polynomial integro-differential operators
Authors: V. V. Bavula
Comment: Since the Jacobian Conjecture is equivalent to the Dixmier Conjecture, this work on noncommutative algebras gets close to affine algebraic geometry.
9 Nov 2010 Separating invariants for the basic G_a-actions
Authors:Jonathan Elmer, Martin Kohls
3 Nov 2010 Locally tame plane polynomial automorphisms
Authors: Joost Berson, Adrien Dubouloz, Jean-Philippe Furter, Stefan Maubach
19 Oct 2010 Roots of the affine Cremona group
Authors: Alvaro Liendo
15 Oct 2010 Numerical Decomposition of Affine Algebraic Varieties
Authors: Shawki Al-Rashed, Gerhard Pfister
29 Sep 2010 Analogue of the Duistermaat-van der Kallen Theorem for Group Algebras
Authors: Wenhua Zhao, Roel Willems
24 Aug 2010 On the Image Conjecture
Authors: Arno van den Essen, David Wright, Wenhua Zhao
14 Jul 2010 The Amazing Image Conjecture
Arno van den Essen
Comment: A paper showing that Arno is obsessed by Zhao's Image Conjecture ;-)
14 Jul 2010 A note on the Venereau polynomials
Author: Drew Lewis
Comment: Drew shows that the 2nd Venereau polynomial is a coordinate! The proof is very simple.
7 Jul 2010 Title: Locally injective polynomial mappings and Jacobian conjecture
Authors: Dang Vu Giang
Comment: second version; the previous version was wrong, this version is even shorter (only 1.5 pages), implying the Jacobian Conjecture.
Edit: A third version, which is ONE page.
Edit: At the ninth version by now, and still only ONE page.
3 Jul 2010 Title: Tame and wild degree functions
Authors: Daniel Daigle
Comment: Daigle shows that many people, including ME, were overseeing degree functions that have strange properties.
1 Jul 2010 Title: Moment vanishing problem and positivity: Some examples
J.P. Francoise, F. Pakovich, Y. Yomdin, W. Zhao
26 May 2010 Rigid rings and Makar-Limanov techniques
Authors: Anthony J. Crachiola, Stefan Maubach
24 May 2010 Mathieu Subspaces of Associative Algebras
Author: Wenhua Zhao
24 May 2010 A Generalization of Mathieu Subspaces to Modules of Associative Algebras
Author: Wenhua Zhao
14 May 2010 Normal singularities with torus actions
Author: Alvaro Liendo, Hendrik Suess
3 May 2010 Computing preimages of points and curves under polynomial maps
Authors:Michiel de Bondt, Stefan Maubach
27 Apr 2010 Non cancellation for smooth contractible affine threefolds
Adrien Dubouloz, Lucy Moser-Jauslin , Pierre-Marie Poloni
Comment: so far the "best" (in some sense) cancellation counterexamples were by Finston and me, but in this paper we're bypassed as their examples are contractible.
27 Apr 2010 Images of Locally Finite Derivations of Polynomial Algebras in Two Variables
Arno van den Essen, David Wright, Wenhua Zhao