Research Seminar: Derivators, Dendroidal Sets

A research seminar on algebraic topology and related subjects, intended for interested staff members and advanced students with some background in algebraic topology. The plan is to begin with a series of lectures on derivators and learn some basics about them. We will then study dendroidal sets and their relation to other models for infinity-operads in some detail.

Time and place: Wednesday, 15.30-17.30 (or open ended), first meeting: 26.10.2011, room: see the individual talk!

The schedule for the sessions is:

18.04.2012: Quillen equivalences to simplicial model categories (room HG00.058)
04.04.2012: Cisinski model structure (room HG00.310)
28.03.2012: Proof of the generalized Reedy model structure (room HG00.310)
21.03.2012: Complete dendroidal Segal spaces (room HG00.058)
14.03.2012: Generalized Reedy model structures and dendroidal Segal spaces (room HG00.310)
07.03.2012: Simplicial coloured operads, generalized W-construction, dendroidal homotopy coherent nerve (room HG00.058)
29.02.2012: Inner Kan complexes and normal dendroidal sets (room HG00.310)
22.02.2012: Faces, boundaries, horns, skeleta. Boardman-Vogt tensor product (room HG00.310)
15.02.2012: Coloured operads and dendroidal sets (room HG00.310)

14.12.2011: Derivators part VI - Canonical triangulations for stable derivators (room HG03.085)
07.12.2011: Derivators part V - Stable derivators and their additivity (room HG03.085)
30.11.2011: Derivators part IV - The 2-category of derivators (room HG03.085)
23.11.2011: Derivators part III - Pointed derivators and (co)Cartesian squares (room HG03.085)
16.11.2011: Derivators part II - Basic facts and examples (room HG03.085)
09.11.2011: An introduction to C-infinity rings II (room HG03.085)
02.11.2011: An introduction to C-infinity rings I (room HG03.085)
26.10.2011: Derivators part I - Prederivators and derivators (room HG03.085)

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