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I am happy to supervise undergraduate and graduate research projects on topics related to group representation theory and/or functional analysis.

[ pdf ] Please look here if you are a student interested in doing research with me.

RU Nijmegen

NWI-WM140 C*-algebras and group representations (Fall 2017)
This is a Masters-level course, developed and taught in collaboration with [ Francesca Arici ].
[ www ] Course prospectus
[ www ] Lecture notes and exercises (also posted on [ Blackboard ])

Old teaching material

Here are some course notes, study guides, etc., from courses I have taught in the past.
If I'm honest, their main intended audience now is potential employers.
If you're a current student in one of these courses and have somehow stumbled upon this page: I hope you find this material useful, but please keep in mind that the content, textbook, terminology ... here might differ from your class.

University of Copenhagen

NMAK13010U Introduction to Equivariant KK-theory and Baum-Connes Conjecture
[ www ]  The course webpage
[ www ]  Entry in the KU course catalog; some of the information (teaching hours, etc.) is out of date. Please refer to the course webpage.

Penn State

Math 497B: Differential equations from an algebraic perspective (Fall 2010)
This course was part of the MASS program. It was taught by Nigel Higson, and I was the TA.
[ pdf ]  Lecture notes
[ www ]  The course website
[ www ]  Information about the MASS program at Penn State

Math 140: Calculus and analytic geometry (Fall 2009)
[ pdf ]  Study guide
[ www ]  Sample exams, hosted by the math department
[ pdf ], [ pdf ], [ pdf ]  My solutions to three of them

Math 041: Trigonometry and analytic geometry (Fall 2008)
[ pdf ]  Study guide for the "algebra" part of the course.

Math 230: Calculus and vector analysis (Fall 2007)
[ pdf ]  Study guide
[ pdf ], [ pdf ], [ pdf ], [ pdf ]  My solutions to a few past exams

Math 018: Elementary linear algebra (Spring 2007)
[ pdf ]  Study guide

Math 220: Matrices (Fall 2006)
[ pdf ]  Study guide
[ pdf ], [ pdf ]  Two past exams
[ pdf ], [ pdf ]  My solutions

Math 021: College algebra 1 (Spring 2006)
[ pdf ]  Study guide