Geometry Seminar - Abstracts


Wednesday 22 June 2016, 16:00 - 17:00, in HG00.310
Pedro Frejlich (PUC, Rio de Janeiro)
Realizations and Universal Normal Forms


In this talk we will discuss Poisson structures from a Lagrangian point of view -- namely, that of Dirac structures. The goal is to explain how one adapts the construction (due to Duistermaat, Kolk, Weinstein, Crainic, Loja Fernandes) of the simply-connected lie group integrating a given lie algebra to the case of Poisson manifolds, and what one can salvage when it fails. We discuss applications to universal normal forms and, time permitting, sketch some ideas regarding the non-Dirac case. Ongoing joint work with I. Marcut.

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