Geometry Seminar - Abstracts


Friday 12 May 2023, 15:30 - 16:30 in HG03.085
Melanie Graf (Hamburg)
Extendibility of spacetimes and uniqueness of "nice" maximal boundaries


The question of extendibility of spacetimes has a long history within (mathematical) General Relativity related to important physical questions of strong cosmic censorship and the nature of the incompleteness predicted from the singularity theorems. Apart from extensions as spacetimes also various options of attaching boundaries have been considered. Investigations of (in-)extendibility (especially in low-regularity) and related issues have garnered renewed interest in the Lorentzian geometry community in recent years. After a broad and general introduction to the problem of extendibility I will present some current work with Marco van den Beld Serrano on uniqueness of maximal boundaries (satisfying some additional properties related to the regularity of the extension).

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