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Participants of the Workshop will have to organise their own accommodation. Information can be obtained from the Tourist Office, which in Dutch is the VVV. They provide information in Dutch, English or German. Here is a summary of the hotels with my direct links (and brief comments) for the location Nijmegen. All of these are in the city, which means within 10 km from the University. For cheaper bed&breakfast places, click on the Guesthouses item at the VVV site.

Please note that Nijmegen is a small city; all of the locations listed by the Tourist office are within easy reach from the University by car.

For example

is almost within walking distance from the Mathematics Department, but just outside the city limits. Their site (as do some others) also has links to other hotels in the vicinity.

For maps, try mapquest, click on maps, enter Netherlands/Nijmegen/toernooiveld/6525, and zoom in or out.
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