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The city of Nijmegen is located just south of the river Rhine in the Netherlands, close to the German border. Here is some information about traveling to Nijmegen.

For maps, try mapquest, click on maps, enter Netherlands/Nijmegen, and zoom in or out.

  • Plane

    The international airport Schiphol of Amsterdam is the usual port of entry from abroad. From Schiphol it is easiest to come to Nijmegen by train; of course traveling by car is also possible. There are alternative airports that service smaller carriers: the airport Niederrhein is just across the border in Germany, and has only recently begun operation (as a civilian airport). There are also international airports in Eindhoven and Brussels (Zaventem) within easy driving distance.

  • Train and Bus

    Nijmegen has one main and a few minor railway stations. Nijmegen Centraal station can be reached from Arnhem within 15 minutes (connections to Germany), from Utrecht or Eindhoven in less than an hour, and from Schiphol (airport), Amsterdam Centraal and Roosendaal (connections to Belgium/France) within an hour and a half. Consult the Nederlandse Spoorwegen for details, including the prices and schedules.

    Although one of the minor railway stations (Nijmegen Heyendaal) is close to the campus, it is often faster (because of the infrequent service) to take a bus from Centraal station to the Science Faculty. For information on bus lines, tickets etc, please consult the Novio bus company site.

  • Car

    Coming from the west it is best to either follow the A15 (from Rotterdam/Gorinchem) or the A12 (from Utrecht) and follow the directions to Nijmegen Centrum, entering from the west via A73/E31. Coming from Germany, either enter the Netherlands near Arnhem, or near Venlo. From Arnhem (north of Nijmegen), follow the A325 to Nijmegen, crossing the Waal bridge to enter the city. From Venlo (just south of Nijmegen) take the A73. If you follow directions to Malden and then Nijmegen you will enter the city from the south near the campus. In any case you will see signs for the Universiteit; follow directions for the B-faculteit (the Science Faculty).

For details on how to get to the University and how to locate the Conference, see the Local Information.

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