Radboud Topology Group

This is the homepage of the topology group of the Math Department at Radboud University. Members of our group do research in several different topics in topology, such as the theory of operads, Poisson and symplectic geometry, foliation theory, topological field theory and higher category theory, theory of stacks and gerbes, non-commutative geometry and many others. We also study applications of topological methods in logic, including topos theory.


First semester 2015/2016:

Details on the seminar on Topological Hochschild Homology can be found here

Details on the seminar on Formality of Operads can be found here

Details on the course on Algebraic Topology I are here

Details on the Mini-conference: Higher Geometric Structures along the Lower Rhine VI, September 24-26, 2015, are here.

Details on the Kan Lectures are here

Past activities

Group members

Tenured staff:

Ieke MoerdijkIeke Moerdijk - His interests lie in algebraic and differential topology, and in applications of topology to logic. Recently, he has worked on Lie groupoids and Lie algebroids with Marius Crainic and Janez Mrčun, and on operads and model categories with Clemens Berger. Currently, in collaboration with Berger, Cisinski and Weiss, he is trying to develop the theory of dendroidal sets (an extension of simplicial sets closely related to operads). With Van den Berg, he also works on sheaf models for predicative logical systems.

Ioan MarcutIoan Marcut - He does research in Poisson Geometry, a subfield of Differential Geometry which is the mathematical language of Hamiltonian Mechanics. He worked on local linearization problems of Poisson manifolds, which naturally led to global problems, mostly related to rigidity phenomena. Currently, his focus is on understanding deformation spaces of certain Poisson structures.


Javier GutiérrezJavier J. Gutiérrez - My main research line is in the field of algebraic topology, and my major areas of specialization are abstract homotopy theory, stable homotopy theory and operad theory. In a recent work, I have studied the functoriality properties of the preservation of algebras over colored operads under the effect of localization and colocalization functors in monoidal model categories --with applications to A-infinity and E-infinity structures in stable homotopy and motivic homotopy theory. Currently, I am interested in the study of dendroidal sets and higher operad theory.

Ph.D students:

JoostJoost Nuiten - I am interested in homotopy theory, primarily in the context of algebraic and differential geometry.

FrankFrank Roumen - I am interested in applications of category theory to quantum foundations.

Former members:

Dimitri Ara
Matija Bašić
Giovanni Caviglia
Moritz Groth
Yonatan Harpaz
Simon Henry
Matan Prezma
Urs Schreiber
Dimitri Roytenberg