G.M.F.W. Mededelingen
Aankondiging Johann Bernoulli-lezing

Deze mededeling werd op 30 maart 2000 aan alle leden verzonden wier elektronisch postadres op dat moment bekend was.

Aankondiging Johann Bernoulli-lezing 1999-2000

prof.dr. Ivor Grattan-Guinness

Daniel Bernoulli (1700-1782) and the varieties of mechanics in the 18th century

Groningen, 9 mei 2000, 19:30 uur
Aula van het Akademiegebouw
(Broerstraat 5)


During the 18th century three main traditions in mechanics developed, somewhat in competition over reliability and generality: the approach based upon Newton's principle of inverses-square attraction and the three laws, and stressing central forces; efforts to establish energy conservation, and its interchange with work; and an algebraic style, using principles such as least action, d'Alembert's, and virtual work. They played differing and often competing roles across the range of mechanics: from astronomy to geodesy through particle and rigid-body mechanics to hydrodynamics and engineering mechanics.
Daniel Bernoulli lived through the bulk of these developments and made significant contributions to several principles and topics. But his overall place is hard to make precise, and he seems to be overshadowed by contemporaries such as Euler and d'Alembert. Reasons for this state of affairs will be sought; is the appraisal fair or unjust?

Voorafgaand aan de lezing zal Jan van Maanen een inleiding op het werk van Grattan-Guinness houden. Na afloop van de lezing is er een receptie.