Bachelor students supervised

  1. Fleur Moerman, Models for the spread of infectious diseases, August 2023.
  2. Tim Peters, The Riemann zeta function and random matrices, July 2022.
  3. Thomas de Jager, The Haar measure and measures on quotient spaces, July 2022.
  4. Eline de Jager, De Stelling van Choquet en toepassingen, February 2022.
  5. Rebecca Bergevoet, Wavelets and their use in data compression, January 2021.
  6. Thijs Maessen, An analysis of the Heun equation and its application on the energy spectrum of fermions in a static Skyrmion field, July 2020.
  7. Robin van Haastrecht, Gelfand pairs of complex reflection groups and their spherical functions, July 2020.
  8. Etienne Walraven, RNAdom Matrices On the use of Random Matrix Theory in RNA folding, July 2019.
  9. Christiaan van der Gaag, Multidimensional moment problems, June 2018.
  10. Thomas Blank, Random matrix theory, (for the BSc in physics and astronomy) June 2018.
  11. Nikki Jaspers, Connection formulas for hypergeometric series, October 2017.
  12. Coen Borghans, Sturm-Liouville Theory, August 2017.
  13. Pepijn de Lange, Deep Learning op Convolutionele, Neurale Netwerken, July 2017.
  14. Tey Berendschot, The Toda lattice, June 2017.
  15. Ted van Gageldonk, Discrete series representations of SL(2,R), May 2017.
  16. Enya Hensbergen, Representaties van de Symmetrische groep, July 2016.
  17. Marjolein Troost, Clebsch-Gordan coefficients revisited, (for the BSc in physics and astronomy) December 2015.
  18. Ferdia Sherry, Calderón-Zygmund operators and wavelets, July 2015.
  19. Suzan Hogeweij, De Stellingen van Picard, June 2015.
  20. Laura Hesp, De stelling van Szegö, July 2014.
  21. Tobias Bartels, The Algebraic Bethe Ansatz in Heisenberg XXX model and sl(2) symmetries, (for the BSc in physics and astronomy) July 2014.
  22. Teun Dings, The Mathieu Conjecture for SU(2), July 2013.
  23. Jeroen Schouten, Quivers en representaties, July 2013.
  24. Bas Jordans, The Schrödinger operator with Morse potential, July 2011.
  25. Pieter Roffelsen, Rational solutions of the second Painlevé equation, July 2010.
  26. Bram Petri, Potential Theory, July 2009.

Master students supervised

  1. Jasper Oostlander (UU)
  2. Toon Kolkman
  3. Robin van Haastrecht, Commutative triples of motion groups, July 2022.
  4. Bart Stroucken, Quantum symmetric pair coideal subalgebras, August 2021.
  5. Matthijs Vernooij, The noncommutative harmonic oscillator: A matrix valued orthogonal polynomials approach, April 2020.
  6. Heleen Fritschy, Checking the m-1 principle on large electricity distribution networks: Mathematical solution and Implementation in R (at Alliander), April 2018.
  7. Victor Hissink Muller, Harmonic analysis on the infinite-dimensional unitary group: A description as determinantal point processes, March 2018.
  8. Laura van den Berge, The Poincaré superalgebra and its representations, July 2017.
  9. Luud Slagter, The Matrix Moment Problem, March 2017.
  10. Niels Neumann, Towards faster internet connections: Connecting cabinets to the fiber glass network (at TNO, jointly supervised with Peter Hochs), June 2016.
  11. Pieter Roffelsen, Rational solutions of the fourth Painlevé equation and associated special polynomials (main supervisor Peter Clarkson of University of Kent, UK), August 2012.

You can find a very useful discussion of the procedure and informal rules on bachelor and master projects in the pdf written by Ben Moonen. Mutatis mutandis this holds for a bachelor or master project supervised by me as well.
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