11/2017 -03/2019, Andrea Cattaneo.

Ph.D. students

Lin Zhou (expected 2022, cosupervised with Zhiyu Tian).
Pablo Magni (expected 2023, cosupervised with Ben Moonen and Lenny Taelman).
Yiran Cheng (2021- , cosupervised with Zhiyuan Li).

Master memoirs

2022, Jelmer Hinssen, Master thesis.
2020, Dirk van Bree, Moduli spaces of stable sheaves on K3 surfaces. Master thesis (cosupervised with Ben Moonen).
2019, Redero Guillaume, K(G,1) and group (co)homology. Memoir of M1G.
2012, Gaspard Fougea and Romain Gourvil, Hilbert syzygy theorem. Memoir of first year in ENS.

Undergraduate projects

2015, Jef Bussiere. Foundamental theorem of algebra via foundamental groups.