Lattices & Duality

Fall 2007


PART I:          Partial orders, lattices, and their relationship to logic.

week 36                       week 37                       week 38                       week 39


The material for this part is in

Introduction to Lattices and Order

by Davey and Priestley

(ISBN-13: 9780521784511; ISBN-10: 0521784514)

This book is not expensive and easily available and I recommend getting it as it will be useful throughout the course.



PART II:         Partial orders, topology, and their relationship to domain theory.

week 40                       week 41                       week 42                       week 46


The material for this part is available on the web in

Domain Theory

by Abramsky and Jung



PART III:       Duality for distributive lattices with additional operations.

week 47                       week 48                       week 49                       week 50                       week 51                       week 2


The material for this part will be supplied to students in the form of lecture notes.



EXAM:           Week 5 2008; Exact schedule to be announced.

                   Exam Questions