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MLNL’09  -    New!!!  Schedule has been updated


MLNL’09 will be held in Nijmegen, May 25 and 26, 2009. This meeting is intended to be the first issue of a series of yearly meetings on Mathematical Logic (and related areas) in the Netherlands.  Rather than a specialized conference, where advanced research results are reported, we aim to get to know each other better and, by understanding the various branches of logic represented in the Netherlands, strengthen our community.

We have reserved a generous amount of time for expository talks, but also strongly encourage contributions by young researchers and Ph.D. students. In all, we hope to create an environment where we can share common interests and where we may fruitfully explore possibilities of collaboration in research, Ph.D. projects, and teaching.



Expository Invited talks:


Bart Jacobs, ICIS, Radboud Universiteit

Herman Geuvers, ICIS, Radboud Universiteit

Bas Terwijn, ILLC, Universiteit van Amsterdam

Jouko Vaananen, ILLC, Universiteit van Amsterdam



A tentative Schedule is now available with some abstracts




Program Committee:


Mai Gehrke, IMAPP, Radboud Universiteit

Rosalie Iemhoff, Department of Philosophy, Universiteit Utrecht

Jaap van Oosten, Mathematical Institute, Universiteit Utrecht

Bas Spitters, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven

Yde Venema, ILLC, Universiteit van Amsterdam



Local Organisation:


Mai Gehrke, mgehrke@math.ru.nl

Greta Oliemeulen, g.oliemeulen@math.ru.nl 



To Register:


Please go here and click on the registration link.


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