Stacks Seminar


Organisation: Joost Nuiten and Milan Lopuhaä.
Location: -1.02, Israėlslaan 118, Utrecht
Time: Fridays, 11:00-12:45


The goal of this seminar is to give an introduction to algebraic stacks. The focus will be on intuition and on how to think about stacks, rather than on providing all formal details. More information can be found in this PDF.

This seminar has a sibling seminar on derived algebraic geometry, on the same day and location.


Date Speaker Title
October 6, 2017 Milan Lopuhaä Introduction to stacks
October 13, 2017 Joost Nuiten Algebraic stacks
October 20, 2017Marc Paul NoordmanExamples of stacks
October 27, 2017Renjie LyuDeligne-Mumford stacks
November 3, 2017 NO TALK! Please go here instead.
November 10, 2017 NO TALK!
November 17, 2017 NO TALK! Please go here instead.
Nov 24, 2017Wessel BindtIrreducibility of M_g
Dec 1, 2017 NO TALK!
Dec 8, 2017Martijn KoolModuli of sheaves