Diophantine Approximations

Mathematical Transactions 2 (1996) Collection of papers dedicated to memory of Prof. N.I. Feldman

Here You can find GZip PostScript versions of papers from this volume (in Russian).

0. "Naum Il'ich Fel'dman" 3–6
1. Bertrand D. "1-motives and orthogonality relations of the Mordell–Weil group" 7–22
2. Waldschmidt M. and Nesterenko Yu.V. "Approximation of the values of the exponential function and the logarithm by the algebraic numbers" 23–42
3. Vasilenko O.N. "Diophantine approximations of the values of polylogarithmic functions" 43–48
4. Galochkin A.I. "Several theorems of translation principle type" 49–55
5. Dobrovol'skii N.M. and Van'kova V.S. "Mean quadratic deviations over the orbits of regular multidimensional grids" 56–73
6. Korobov A.N. "Numbers non-normal to each base" 74–76
7. Korobov N.M. "Special polynomials and their applications" 77–89
8. Matveev E.M. "Algebraic numbers of small logarithmic height" 90–98
9. Moshchevitin N.G. "Representation of rational numbers by finite continuous fractions and sets free of arithmetic progressions" 99–109
10. Chirskii V.G. "Arithmetic properties of the sums of certain series" 110–113
11. Shidlovskii A.B. "Criteria for the linear and algebraic independence of the values of E-functions at algebraic points" 114–120
12. Schinzel A. "On exponential congruences" 121–126

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