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Upcoming and recent events, news, etc:

This semester, Simon Pepin Lehalleur is teaching a course on Higher Category Theory.

On 8 November 2019, the Belgian-Dutch Algebraic Geometry seminar will take place in Antwerp. The speakers are Lie Fu, Špela Špenko and Stefan Kebekus. See the seminar website for more details.

We are very excited that Lie Fu has joined us as Radboud Excellence Fellow for a period of 2 years, starting September 2019.

Lenny Taelman and I have obtained an NWO TOP1 grant for our project Geometry and arithmetic beyond Shimura varieties. Zoë Schroot and Pablo Magni have been appointed as PhD students in this project, and since January 2020 Simon Pepin Lehalleur has joined us as a postdoc on this project.

My former PhD student Qizheng Yin is the first recipient of the Algebraic Geometry Prize for his paper on tautological classes that was part of his PhD thesis. Congratulations to Qizheng!

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Former and present doctoral students

Jordan Rizov, PhD September 2005
Maarten Hoeve, PhD June 2010
Qizheng Yin, PhD December 2013
Johan Commelin, PhD July 2017
Milan Lopuhaä, PhD September 2018
Salvatore Floccari, PhD expected February 2021
Pablo Magni, PhD expected November 2022