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Victoria Hoskins
Assistant Professor in geometry

Department of mathematics (IMAPP)
at the Radboud University Nijmegen

Teaching in the academic year 2021-2022

Spring 2022: Riemann surfaces (Mastermath course)

Previous teaching

SS 2021: Riemann surfaces (Mastermath course)

WS 2020: Algebraic Numbers (RU, course page on Brightspace)

SS 2020: Riemann surfaces (Mastermath course)

WS 2019: Seminar Representation theory of the symmetric group , FU Berlin

SS 2019: Maternity leave

WS 2018: Algebra und Zahlentheorie, FU Berlin

SS 2018: Lineare Algebra II, FU Berlin

SS 2018: Seminar on the representation theory of the symmetric group, FU Berlin

WS 2017: Lineare Algebra, FU Berlin

WS 2017: Seminar on derived categories and variation of GIT quotients, FU Berlin

SS 2017: Lineare Algebra II, FU Berlin

WS 2016: Lineare Algebra I, FU Berlin

SS 2016: Analysis I, FU Berlin

WS 2015: Algebraic Geometry II/Algebra III: Moduli and geometric invariant theory , FU Berlin

SS 2016: Seminar on Topics in Geometric Invariant Theory (co-organised with D. Bunnett), FU Berlin

SS 2015: Complex analysis, FU Berlin

SS 2015: Seminar on Bridgeland stability (co-organised with A. Rincon and E. Martinez), FU Berlin

WS 2014: Seminar on Motives and moduli of bundles , FU Berlin

SS 2014: Seminar on A1-homotopy theory of schemes , FU Berlin

WS 2013: Seminar on Elliptic functions and modular forms, University of Zurich

WS 2012: Quotients in algebraic and symplectic geometry (masters course), University of Zurich

Student supervision

Dominic Bunnett (PhD): Moduli of hypersurfaces in toric orbifolds (2019)
Vincent Trageser (PhD): Moduli of homomorphisms of decomposable sheaves (2019)

Dion Leijnse (Master): A generalization of a method of Fantechi and Göttsche for computing orbifold cohomology (2021)
Reinder Meinsma (Master): Brill-Noether theory for families of curves (2020)
Koki Yoshimoto (Master): Virtual motivic classes of algebraic symplectic quotients (2019)

Toon Kolkman (Bachelor): Gabriel's theorem for quiver representations (2021)
Michael Mavroskoufis (Bachelor): Factorisation in rings of integers (2019)
Benjamin Kaiser (Bachelor): The j-invariant (2019)
Merlin Buck (Bachelor): The Brauer group and Wedderburn's Theorem (2018)
Kristin Piel (Bachelor): The Gamma function and the Mohr-Bollerup Theorem (2018)
Noah Giessing (Bachelor): Automorphisms of Riemann surfaces (2017)
Adrian Herrmann (Bachelor): Algebraic Curves and Bezout's Theorem (2015)
Fabian Fumagalli (Bachelor): 1-dimensional Complex Tori (2015)