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Mathematical Physicist

Department of Mathematics
Radboud University, Nijmegen
Toernooiveld 1
6525 ED Nijmegen
The Netherlands

I am a professor in Probability and Statistics at the Mathematics department of the Radboud University Nijmegen and a full professor of Quantum Probability and Quantum Information at the University of Amsterdam. This research field, quantum probability or non-commutative probability, concerns a generalisation of probability theory that is broad enough to contain quantum mechanics. I take part in the Geometry and Quantum Theory (GQT) research cluster of connected universities in the Netherlands. In collaboration with Burkhard Kümmerer we are developing the theory of quantum Markov chains, their asymptotic completeness and ergodic theory, with applications to quantum optics. Our focal point is shifting towards quantum information and control theory, an area which is rapidly becoming relevant to experimental physicists. My former collaborator Madalin Guta works on quantum statistics.
I teach probability, linear programming, stochastic processes and stochastic analysis, and mathematical modeling. Special topics: quantum probability theory.

Inaugural Lecture:

Noodzakelijke onzekerheid (text in Dutch).
Oratiereeks Universiteit van Amsterdam

Noodzakelijke onzekerheid (beamer presentation).

Inaugural lecture as a Webcollege, Universiteit van Amsterdam.
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Beamer presentations:

Entropic Uncertainty in Finite Systems.
Talk delivered at the IMS in Singapore, August 27, 2013.

Ein Blick in die nichtkommutative Welt (in German).
Lecture on the occasion of Burkhard Kuemmerer's 60-th birthday, Darmstadt, April 26, 2013.

Quantum information and stabilization of quantum states by feedback control
Workshop on Statistical Physics of Inference and Control Theory, Granada, September 15, 2012.
This presentation can be viewed as a VIDEOLECTURE

Quantum Information, Probability and Statistics
University of Amsterdam mathematics colloquium, April 25, 2012.

Entanglement of completely symmetric quantum states
Talk at the QP-NGC-QI conference, Edinburgh, January 18, 2012,
and at the London Mathematical Society Midlands Regional Workshop
"Quantum Probabilistic Symmetries" in Aberystwyth, Wales, September 4, 2012.

Quantum probability as a tensor category
Talk at the Quantum Physics and Logic conference, Nijmegen October 27-29, 2011.

Entanglement of completely symmetric quantum states
Mark-Kac-seminarium voor stochastiek en fysica, October 7, 2011.

The discrete entropic uncertainty relation
Farewell conference for Jos Uffink, July 15, 2011.

Quantum Probability and Quantum Information
In: Quantum Information, computation and cryptography,
(eds. Fabio Benatti, Mark Fannes, Roberto Floreanini, Dimitri Petritis),
Springer Lecture Notes in Physics 808, 2010.


Workshops organized:

Quantum information theory

Protected Subspaces

Krzysztof Majgier, Hans Maassen, Karol \.Zyczkowski:
Protected subspaces in quantum information

Quantum Information Processing, December 2009, item 13 (published online).

State Collapse

Bas Janssens, Hans Maassen:
Information Transfer Implies State Collapse

Journal of Physics A, Math. Gen. 39 (2006) 9845-9860.


The quantum Monty Hall ("three doors") problem

Mauro D'Ariano, Richard Gill, Michael Keyl, Reinhard Werner, Burkhard Kümmerer, Hans Maassen:
The quantum Monty Hall problem

Quantum Information and Computing, 2 (2002) 355-366.

Entropic uncertainty relations

Hans Maassen, Jos Uffink:
Generalised entropic uncertainty relations
Physical Review Letters 60 (1988) 1103-1106.

On the mathematical derivation of the entropic uncertainty relation:
Hans Maassen:
A discrete entropic uncertainty relation

Quantum Probability and Applications V,
Lecture Notes in Mathematics 1442,
Eds. L. Accardi, W. von Waldenfels,
Springer (1988) 263-266.

Bart van den Broek:
Entropic uncertainty relations in quantum physics

Diploma thesis, Nijmegen June 2003. Soorten

Lecture notes:

Quantum Probability, Quantum Information and Quantum Computing
Spring semester 2004.

Quantum Probability and Quantum Information
Notes for the Trieste summer school of 2006.

Quantum Probability

Fundamental issues

Aspect experiment

Science Cafe Nijmegen: beamer presentation:
"Kan de natuur correct beschreven worden door een deterministische theorie?"
Discussion with Gerard 't Hooft. Contains a pseudo-animation of the "Bell Game", a demonstration of the Bell inequality without an explicit formula.

Beamer presentation HOVO course January 2010 (in Dutch):
"Toeval en/of determinisme in de natuurwetenschap" Part II

The Bell inequality explained as a card game.

FYSICA 2008: beamer presentation:
"The case for indeterminism"

Burkhard Kümmerer, Hans Maassen:
Elements of Quantum Probability

Quantum Probability Communications, X (1998) 73-100,
R.L. Hudson, J.M. Lindsay,
World Scientific, Singapore, 1998.

Hans Maassen:
Quantum probability applied to the damped harmonic oscillator

Quantum Probability Communications XII 23-58,
S. Attal, J.M. Lindsay,
World Scientific, Singapore 2003.
(Summer School notes, Grenoble 1998.)(quant-ph/0411024)

Alberto Frigerio, Hans Maassen:
Quantum Poisson processes and dilations of dynamical semigroups

Probab. Th. Rel. Fields 83 (1989) 489-508.

Burkhard Kümmerer, Hans Maassen:
The essentially commutative dilations of dynamical semigroups on M_n

Cummun. Math. Phys. 109 (1987) 1-22.

Ergodic Theory

Hans Maassen, Burkhard Kümmerer:
Purification of quantum trajectories
Dynamics & Stochastics, Festschrift in honor of M.S. Keane (pdf of Contents.)
Lecture Notes-Monograph Series of the IMS, Vol. 48 (2006), p. 252-261.

Burkhard Kümmerer, Hans Maassen:
A pathwise ergodic theorem for quantum trajectories
J. Phys. A: Math. Gen. 37 (2004) 11889-11896.

Burkhard Kümmerer, Hans Maassen:
An ergodic theorem for quantum counting processes
J. Phys. A 36 (2003) 1-7. (pdf) Dyson series

Burkhard Kümmerer, Hans Maassen:
An ergodic theorem for repeated and continuous measurement

Extended abstract in proceedings Mini-workshop MaPhySto, October 1999.

Burkhard Kümmerer, Hans Maassen:
A scattering theory for Markov Chains

Infinite Dimensional Analysis, Quantum Probability and Related Topics, 3 (2000) 161-176.

Hans Maassen, Madalin Guta, Dmitri Botvich:
Stability of Bose dynamical systems and branching theory

Preprint, May 1999.
A Galton-Watson estimate for Dyson series
Ann. Henri Poincare 10 (2009), 1141-1158.

Applications to Quantum Optics

Luc Bouten, Madalin Guta, Hans Maassen:
Stochastic Schrödinger Equations

Journ. Phys. A: Mathematics and General 37 (2004) 3189--3209

Luc Bouten, Hans Maassen, Burkhard Kümmerer:
Constructing the Davies process of resonance fluorescence with quantum stochastic calculus

Optics and Spectroscopy 94 (2003) 911-919,
From: Optica i Spektroskopia 94 (2003) 976-984 (in english).

Thomas Wellens, Andreas Buchleitner, Burkhard Kümmerer, Hans Maassen:
Quantum state preparation via asymptotic completeness

Phys. Rev. Lett. 85 (2000) 3361-3364

Noise and Second Quantization

Madalin Guta, Hans Maassen:
Symmetric Hilbert spaces arising from species of structures

Mathematische Zeitschrift 239 (2002) 477-513

Madalin Guta, Hans Maassen:
Generalised Brownian motion and second quantisation

Journal of Functional Analysis 191 2 (2002) 241-275

Hans Maassen, Hans van Leeuwen:
The q-harmonic oscillator in a lattice model

Journal of Mathematical Physics 39 (1998) 6424-6440.

Hans Maassen, Hans van Leeuwen:
A q-Deformation of the Gauss distribution

Journal of Mathematical Physics 36 (1995) 725-741.

Hans Maassen, Hans van Leeuwen:
An obstruction for q-deformation of the convolution product

Journal of Physica A: Math. Gen. 29(1996) 4741-4778.

Free Probability

Hans Maassen:
Addition of freely independent random variables

Journal of Functional Analysis 106 (1992) 409-438.
The above is a scanned version of the article as it appeared, including figures.
The scanning quality is poor, that of the following preprint version, without figures, is better:
Preprint version

Applications of Probability

Rene Tolboom, Nico Dam, Hans ter Meulen, Joris Mooij, Hans Maassen:
Quantative imaging through a spectrograph - 1: principles & theory

Applied Optics, Vol. 43 Issue 30 (October 2004) 5669.

Sander Nabuurs, Chris Spronk, Elmar Krieger, Hans Maassen, Gert Vriend, Geerten Vuister:
Quantitative evaluation of experimental NMR constraints

J. Am. Chem. Soc. 125 (2003) 12026-12034.

Hans Maassen, Thom Bezembinder:
Generating random weak orders and the probability of a Condorcet winner

Social Choice and Welfare 19 (2002) 517-532.

Ph.D. Thesis 1982

On a class of quantum Langevin equations and the question of approach to equilibrium

Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (1982).


Information Theory:

Dictaatje over Shannon-entropie.

Modeling Class

Description program modeling class (in Dutch).

Dictaatje Lineaire Programmering
Dictaatje Entropie en Codering
Dictaatje Stochastische Koeling
Dictaatje Kalmanfilter Soorten

Special topic in the `highlights' program (in Dutch):
Joyal's Combinatorial Species


Joyal's Combinatorial Species

Stochastic Analysis

Lecture notes
Written with Frank den Hollander and Hans van Leeuwen
August 2000

Quantum Probability, Quantum Information and Quantum Computing

Lecture notes spring semester, 2004.

Quantum Probability Theory

Lecture notes 1998

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